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There are 100,000 families in Pavas who live in extreme poverty. While we cannot solve the problems of all of them, we are committed to bringing a holistic transformational strategy to this community.


Our work is focused primarily with single mothers and at risk children. Our programs include providing food, dental care, education, spiritual formation, psychological guidance and leadership development.


The Hope Center currently feeds 250-300 children daily, Monday through Friday. For more than 50% of them, this meal represents the only balanced nutrition that they receive that day. In addition to the feeding program, we have recently launched an comprehensive academic program that provides mentors, academic tutoring, clubs such as music, art and ballet, financial assistance for school resources along with spiritual formation and psychological guidance to both the children and mothers.

Background Information

17 years ago a small church was started in Pavas. The vision of the church was to teach people about God while helping to alleviate the apparent physical needs of the community. With very little resources, this church has been adding value to many with very little resources. In 2012, Hope Partners International and The Openhouse Project adopted this initiative and launched a new vision for a Hope Center, a transformational strategy designed to break the poverty cycle in Pavas. We are committed to helping resource this ministry through key partnerships both in Costa Rica and the United States

key approaches:

Sharing Faith

Giving Hope

Showing Love



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